Latest release Sept.19th, 2022.


Eufrocina Manigos and Eyvind Bilstad

A song inspired by the northern summers, and the craving for vitamin D.

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    Boost 2:59

our story

Eufrocina has been working professionally as a guitarist and singer since she was 17 years old, with a female group in Philippines. They were touring all Asia, and Middle East with their cover music. When the group broke up, she continued to work as a solo artist in Italy and The Mediterranean countries. Early 2018 she was for a visit in Norway, and met Eyvind Bilstad, and they started right away to compose music together.

Eyvind has been in different bands since he was 14 years old, singing blues, jazz, heavy rock, rock`n roll, soul, country and gospel music.

He has been doing guest appearances with Linda Gail Lewis, Dr.Feelgood, Percy Sledge Band among others.

He has done backing vocals on live television performance with Art Garfunkel, and done support gigs with bands, for Delbert mcClinton and Nazareth.


The first release was september 8. 2018, and is dual language filippino/english “ I Met You In A Song”.

Second single, “Stranger in a foreign land (Lalalalala)”, got released July 8th., 2019-

Third single "Virago" was released Feb.18. 2020.

Fourth single "Mama" featuring Christopher Marchesan was released Dec.8th, 2020.

Fifth single "Ignites" was released May 7th, 2021.

Sixth single "Boost!" was released July 16th, 2021.

Seventh single "The Spirit Of Christmas" got released Nov.1st. 2021.

Single number eight "After the Storm",  was released March 2nd. 2022.

Single number nine "Celebration on the Rocks"  was released July 14th, 2022.

Single number 10 "Another Dimension", was released Sept.19th, 2022.

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